An Awkward Introduction

I realized that I have been writing all about my opinions and beliefs, yet you haven’t really met me. I’m sure in a class of 65ish people, and then countless other classes, I’m just another face. So I’m here to tell you about myself!

Easier said than done, right? I agree. It’s hard to write about yourself.

First off, I was born in Olney, Maryland, and lived in countless Maryland cities and towns until I was 9. It’s really expensive to live there, so we moved to the South, where my mom’s family lives. For a long time, I didn’t have any good friends. Scratch that, this year is the first time I have found a true friend…ever. It got pretty lonely. Sure, I had friends. But could I tell them anything and everything? No. I knew they would judge me. And that isn’t real friendship.

In high school, choir was my life. It made me happy and I could express myself unlike anything else. I worked my hardest and made first chair All State my junior year and second chair my senior year. I was so proud of that and internally considered myself better than anyone else. I would never admit that back then, but now I see it. Because of those achievements, I decided I should major in music. I got there and realized how wrong I was. I was a lowly freshman with no skills but good vocal cords. And things didn’t get better. Well, not in school.

The summer after senior year, I went to Honduras for 5 weeks to be an intern with Mercy International. I encountered so many obstacles, but I learned so many things about myself. I conquered my fears and realized that God truly does care about me. Though I still am iffy about what exactly I believe, I do know that God is real. God cares. And God will never leave no matter how much I backstab him. And that’s pretty freakin’ awesome. While I was in Honduras, I wrote a list of things I wanted in a friend and a man. Within a year, I found both. Word for word, I found both.

Enter in Nathan Young. He was my first true friend in my entire life. The second time we ever hung out, we shared our entire life stories. Every cringe-worthy detail. And it was amazing! After a while, we decided to date. And then I decided to transfer from the U of A to Tech. That caused some trouble, since we already were 45 minutes away from each other, but we got through it. And though it’s hard, it’s pretty worth it.

Nathan and Madeline

Nathan and Madeline

Enter in Madeline Ashlock. My roommate. My best friend. I had a pretty interesting experience with my random roommate last semester, but then I met Madeline in choir. We are extremely similar, but different in enough ways that we won’t kill each other. She’s brutally honest. It hurts so good… I’m so lucky to have found someone that I can be completely honest with and not be afraid of judgement. It only took us a week to be comfortable farting around each other, if that tells you anything. Sure, having Nathan as my best friend is wonderful, but there are so many things he can’t do. A girl needs another girl by her side. Because boys are…gross, and sometimes pretty insensitive.

A few years ago, I started a blog. It sparked my interest in writing. This summer, I decided to switch from Vocal Music Ed to a double major in Print Journalism and Speech Communication. I don’t have much on that yet. I’m so happy with my classes so far! But honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing. All I know is that I want to change peoples’ lives through my words.

So that’s my life so far. Though I’ve done a lot, I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s to come.


About chall29

Photographer from Northwest Arkansas pursuing degrees in Print Journalism and Speech Communication at Arkansas Tech University.
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