The College Girl Uniform

So what makes popular items popular? If you walk outside on campus right now, you’ll see five things on almost all girls.


1. an oversized shirt (long sleeved, short sleeved, or tank)

2. Nike shorts or leggings

3. A baseball cap or big headband

4. Chacos or Nike shoes

5. a Vera Bradley wallet

6. BONUS: a Kavu rope bag

So why are these things so popular? Seriously. Let’s add up the cost of that outfit.

Shirt – $25

Norts – $30

Baseball cap – $15

Shoes – $100+

Wallet – $20+

Rope bag – $50

That adds up to the minimum of $240. Let me repeat that. Two hundred and forty dollars. That’s about as much as I have in my bank account right now. That’s insane.

And yet I own every one of those things…

For a long time, I didn’t understand the appeal. Well, I’ll tell ya. That big shirt? It doesn’t hug your hips and you don’t have to worry about sucking it in. That hat or headband keeps your hair out of your face. It’s especially wonderful if you’re having a bad hair day. Leggings or Norts? They’re wonderful. It’s like you’re not wearing bottoms. The shoes? Chacos last for years and can have straps replaced. And wearing Nike shoes is like walking on clouds. I’m not sure about the Vera Bradley wallet… I suppose it’s for the cute patterns. And they’re fairly durable. I completely get the Kavu bag though. I have one and it is durable, cute, and you can use it for just about anything.

People laugh at sorority girls with their huge shirts and Nike shorts, but there’s a reason they wear it (warning: hyper link contains foul language). They aren’t trying to be cute. And there’s one thing that’s for sure… they’re 10x more comfortable than you are.

There’s a reason why people buy “brand name” things. They last for years and they are more comfortable! That’s the true reason for buying them, in my opinion.

I often go on eBay or to second hand stores to find these items, and I get them for much cheaper. Though they’ve been used by someone else, they still last at least three times as long as an off brand.

On a final and ironic note, nobody wants to go to a school with a dress code or uniform, but when you go to a public institution, everyone wears the same thing anyway.


About chall29

Photographer from Northwest Arkansas pursuing degrees in Print Journalism and Speech Communication at Arkansas Tech University.
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