Short Hair Don’t Care

So what’s the deal with the long hair fad?

I am convinced I’m supposed to have short hair. I’ve tried three times to grow out my hair and I just can’t do it. How can anyone? Long hair is tedious, hard to keep up with, and above all else tangly. I have very thick hair. It’s always deceptive because it doesn’t look like it, but it takes 3 hours to air dry, 30 minutes to blow dry, and about 20 years to style. Which is why I wouldn’t do anything with it. The only reason I was growing my hair out was so I could do cool hair styles, but my hair annoyed me so much that I would usually just throw it back in a ponytail or bun. I rarely brushed it because it wasn’t worth it and I had a friend who told me a few times that I should find a brush. Long, thin hair is a different story. Go for it, girlfriend. But if you’re like me and have thick, unruly hair…stick with short hair.

I had been wanting to cut my hair since May, but kept holding back because it was my goal to grow it to my belly button. Can you imagine? I would have been miserable! Last night, my hair was driving me crazy. Not only was it tangly and poofy, but it was unhealthy. I immediately drove to Walmart to get a high quality haircut (I was pleasantly surprised and paid half the price of what I would have at my salon in Fayetteville), and didn’t regret it one bit. I’m meant to have short hair.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever cut a large amount of hair off, but it’s so freeing! My hair no longer weighs down my head to the point of a headache and it hasn’t tangled once. It’s incredible!


About chall29

Photographer from Northwest Arkansas pursuing degrees in Print Journalism and Speech Communication at Arkansas Tech University.
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