Think Before You Speak

Here I am, sitting after a 12 hour day. Yes, you read correctly. I have class from 9:30 am to 9 pm every Thursday. It’s rough. It’s so peaceful to be sitting at my desk, with the only light coming from my laptop and the Christmas lights I hung up at the beginning of the semester. Everything is perfect, except for this dang knee of mine.

Say hello to the dreaded knee brace

Say hello to the dreaded knee brace

At the beginning of last semester, I hyper extended my knee. I wish I could say I got it by fighting off a bear or jumping off a building, but I did a cart wheel. A freakin’ cart wheel! It’s almost embarrassing. After two weeks, I was feeling back to normal and it was fine! I’ve been feeling great ever since, except for the fact that if I stay in one position for too long, my knee will cramp up.

So fast forward to last Wednesday. I decided to go to the gym with my friend and work on my legs. I used the leg stretching machines (I actually had no idea that there was such thing as stretching machines…) and then ran on a treadmill for 30 minutes. That following Friday, I did a photoshoot of a family that involved a LOT of crouching and sitting on my knees. I felt like an old lady afterwards because my knee was absolutely killing me. Ever since then, my knee has felt like it’s been hyper extended all over again. I wish there was a way to describe the pain, but there really is no comparison.

Today, I was telling my roommate about how it was feeling and she, being the argument-loving, blunt person that she is, said, “I’m not saying that your pain isn’t real, but it’s definitely all in your head.”

First of all, that’s a contradicting sentence. But second of all, it got me to thinking. How would she know? I do believe that hypochondriacs are like that, but this is a completely different situation. I went to the doctor for this issue and it’s legitimate. She went on to tell me, being the all-knowing advice giver that she is, that if I just stop thinking about it, it won’t hurt anymore. I’m fairly certain that I laughed out loud at her. I could have said that about period cramps and it would sound absolutely ridiculous. Because that’s not possible. If it’s a real pain, you can’t just “unthink” it.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this blog post, but I just really think that you will never know what someone is going through, so don’t be so quick to judge!

DISCLAIMER: I may sound like I don’t like my roommate in this post. Quite the opposite! She’s wonderful. We just think differently the majority of the time and butt heads. But that’s one way to keep me thinking 24/7. I enjoy it (most of the time…). šŸ™‚


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Photographer from Northwest Arkansas pursuing degrees in Print Journalism and Speech Communication at Arkansas Tech University.
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