Technology is Fickle

I’ve had a lot of problems with technology. Though it’s all fickle, I’ve had the most problems with SD cards. I’m a photographer and this is a really bad problem to have. This summer, I did a photoshoot of a friend and when I went to put them on my computer, the card wouldn’t read. It turns out that the card had somehow broken. And not internally. Externally. It had completely broken on the outside. How does that even happen?

This past weekend, I did a photoshoot of a family. My photographer boyfriend was with me to help. I ran out of space on my SD card, so I used one of his.

Fast forward to right now. We can’t find the photos on any of his SD cards. I know which one they were on, but there are NO photos on it. Luckily, most of the photoshoot is on my card, but I can’t believe how unlucky I am with SD cards.

I’m extremely annoyed. I’d rant more about technology, but I feel like I can’t because it benefits me so much.

On a brighter note, click here.


About chall29

Photographer from Northwest Arkansas pursuing degrees in Print Journalism and Speech Communication at Arkansas Tech University.
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