New Opportunities

My last post from last semester was about how far I’ve come. One of the topics I talked about was my photography.

During this break, a friend of mine was selling his Canon EOS 60D for half the regular price and he had used it only a handful of times. I jumped on this offer and don’t regret it one bit!

My old camera, a Canon Rebel XS, was never meant to be a manual camera. It’s more of the type of camera you start out on. When I got my 85 mm 1.8 lens for my birthday, my Rebel honestly couldn’t handle it. The photos weren’t focused as much as they should have been and the quality wasn’t superb. The lens and camera didn’t work together.

The second I took a photo on my 60D with the 85 mm, I finally could see what that lens could really do. It was incredible! Both camera and lens are meant to work better in darker settings, so I can now shoot inside. That wasn’t even an option with my Rebel. It’s been rainy so often, so I haven’t been able to experiment with it as much as I’d want, but I’ve slowly gained more experience with it! My 60D also has the capability to shoot video, which I’m extremely excited to learn.

On top of all of this, I got two free things.

1. My choir director for high school is a photographer and he had a battery grip for a 60D he wasn’t using.

2. A professional photographer I babysit for is letting me borrow a 50 mm 1.4 for a few months!

I can’t believe all of this happened because I never imagined getting new equipment until after I graduated.

This is such a cool opportunity and I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it in the future!


About chall29

Photographer from Northwest Arkansas pursuing degrees in Print Journalism and Speech Communication at Arkansas Tech University.
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