The New Brown Building on Campus

If you’ve stepped on campus in the past six months, you have undoubtedly seen a large building under construction on the corner of Coliseum Drive and O Street. After asking a handful of students what they thought of it, I found that there was confusion about the name and what it was going to be used for.  I must admit that I didn’t know much about it either.

For starters, there was a meeting with the Board of Trustees in May where the building was unanimously voted “Brown” in honor of our retired president Robert C. Brown and his wife, Jill. Rules were amended in order for this to happen because of the Brown Hall that is already in existence. The Board of Trustees decided on this name because of President Brown’s contribution and leadership. During Brown’s twenty-one years of presidency, enrollment increased by 168%.

Offices in Doc Bryan will be moved to Brown. This includes student accounts, registrar, admissions, financial aid, payroll, budget, payroll, human resources, and TRIO programs such as Upward Bound and Student Support Services. On top of that, there will be classroom and conference space on every floor.

But what exactly will happen to the empty office space in Doc Bryan? There is word that they will be turned into classrooms. It doesn’t make much sense that Doc Bryan will also have to be remodeled when it was functioning properly as it was. It would have made more sense for Brown to be just classrooms and conference rooms.

There are pros and cons to this new building. Even though we are in desperate need of more parking lots and residence halls, this administration building will be able to provide more help for students. It is in a better location and the extra classroom space will be beneficial to professors. Though I am sure that the Board of Trustees and President Bowen have many good reasons for this building, the reasons are not easily accessible to the public.


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