I cleaned my entire room (including dishes) so now I have no excuse to not do homework.

I cleaned my entire room (including dishes) so now I have no excuse to not do homework.

This semester, I have taken on a lot of responsibilites.
I’m in two online classes – one being a condensed 2 month course.
I have a specific responsibility at work and work 8-15 hours a week.
I am the Opinions Editor of the school newspaper and have three or four assignments a week.
Not to mention my other classes, choir rehearsals, and finding time to work out!
I’m tired even when I get a good night of sleep (which is rare). But it’s not a bad kind of tired. It’s an “I’m actually doing something with my life and not being lazy” kind of tired. And I love it! But it’s easy to get discouraged.
I constantly feel like my articles for the paper are mediocre.
I can’t find certian receipts at work because there are thousands to go through.
I got a 60% on two different quizzes yesterday.
People make fun of me constantly for how bad I am with words. I honestly think I might have a speech impediment or something.
I have bad knees and it’s hard to work out.
I really, really miss Nathan and am tired of this long distance crap. I don’t even get to see him during Spring Break.
But in retrospect:
I talked to the other editors of the paper and found out that they don’t have opinions about everything. Writing an entire article every week about an opinion would be impossible for them. I have a hard time with it some weeks, but I can do it. And maybe that’s why I was considered for the job.
I have organized all of the receipts to the best of my ability and anything beyond that is out of my control. I am doing the best that I can!
I also got a 100% on a quiz yesterday.
Even though I can’t talk properly, what I have to say is important.
My knees are already improving. They haven’t hurt for a few days now!
I get to see Nathan in 6 days.
I’m having a really tough time focusing on the bright side of things lately and I’m trying to fix that. I have a mountain of assignments to finish this weekend and I would much rather just lay in bed and watch Netflix. But where would that get me?
I will work on homework, go to the gym, eat something healthy, and enjoy the beautiful weather. I’m not giving up.

About chall29

Photographer from Northwest Arkansas pursuing degrees in Print Journalism and Speech Communication at Arkansas Tech University.
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